First Public Meeting – One Year On

Dorchester Area Community Land Trust (DACLT) held its first public meeting, as a fully formed CLT, on Wednesday 8th November. It was a fantastic evening where the public could learn about what we had been up to for the past year.

Alistair Chisolm showing the site of the new project

What We Talked About

We discussed the formation of DACLT and our progress since the last public meeting in November 2016. This was a brilliant opportunity to introduce our board members to the public and discuss our ambitions for DACLT. The current focus of DACLT is a housing project which will be using land provided by Dorchester Town Council.

View the presentation given at the public meeting here.

New Members

We had a good turnout and, after hearing all about the project and how far we have come, many of those who attended signed up and became members!