The Board

Our Board of Directors

Tricia Mitchell – Chair

I am passionate about decent, affordable accommodation for the young people of Dorchester. This springs from my experience of working in the community and visiting people at home, many living in substandard rented accommodation.

Now, even renting has become difficult with high rents making it difficult for people to save for a deposit.

In eight months the trust has progressed from inception to engaging a firm of architects with plan proposed for the Tennis Courts flats.

So much more needs to be done. We must empower young people to help us build flats that they need and would like to call home. I feel it is a privilege to be involved in the trust and my wish is to work on the project to see it to completion.

John Christmas – Treasurer

I have lived in Dorchester and worked in Dorset for over thirty years. I am a chartered building surveyor now working as a consultant and have been involved in the assessment and construction of buildings for my whole working life.

I have seen local property values increase way beyond the means of most working people on average salaries in the area and a failure of government and local authorities to address the issue both nationally and locally. I have been very impressed by the successes of other community land trusts and I believe the current opportunity brought about by the Town Council will allow us to make a significant provision for housing for the young workers of this area and will I hope enable the Trust to take on further projects in future.

I believe my training and experience of property and construction  will be of benefit to the Trust and help us to progress our plans into the future

Ian Gosling – Secretary

I lived in Paris for forty years where I practiced in an international law firm, having qualified both at the London and Paris bars.

Five years ago I moved to Dorchester, close to the area from which my family originated.

Whilst in Paris I served for many years on the supervisory board of a large apartment block and then acted as the unpaid manager of a historic town house which had been divided into six apartments. In this latter capacity I supervised the restoration of the fabric of the building.

As an environmental activist I sat on a Parisian neighbourhood Council. In my individual capacity I challenged a planning decision taken by the Paris Town Council and fought the case through to the Supreme Court. I then set up an action group of members of the local community and challenged another proposed development by the Paris Town Council. Our campaign resulted in the purchase by the group of the disputed site which we redeveloped, in conjunction with a purchaser chosen by us, into low density residential accommodation in a style which blended into the historic street environment.

I have always been in favour of initiatives by members of local communities working together to achieve common objectives. The Dorchester Area CLT’s objective of developing affordable housing in Dorchester is a welcome initiative to which I hope to contribute.

Barry Thompson

Born Portland, Dorset

I was an electrical fitter apprentice with the Admiralty at Portland Navy Base. I was an electrical engineer officer in the Merchant Navy for 20 years, travelling extensively worldwide, before working at DSG Bovington as an electrical fitter for 13 years on tank repairs.

I am now retired, aged 72, and have lived in Fordington for 18 years. A lifetime support of Southampton Football Club.

I am a member of the Labour Party and have been for many, many years, past Chairman of Dorchester Labout Party, currently Vice Chairman. Also a member of the Co-op Party.

I have campaigned for affordable housing, for Dorchester, on many occasions trying to ensure 35% of all sites are affordable. I think this scheme is immense and I look forward to being selected to be a Director at the Special General Meeting.

Alistair Chisholm

Alistair is passionate about the County town and has been a local tour guide and Town Crier of Dorchester for more than 20 years. He is currently a Dorchester Town Councillor, a Director of Ridgeway Community Radio, (which will be broadcasting on FM next year) and Chair of the 2018 Carnival Committee.

He was very disappointed that the developers of the 5 acre prison site will not be providing a single “affordable” unit on that town centre site. He believes that a Community Land Trust is a proven mechanism that can address this most urgent community need and, over time, save or provide other important assets for both the town and its surrounding parishes. He is confident that DACLT’s first project will succeed and that it will be followed by others to enhance the lives and experiences of everyone in the area.

Izzy Aldwinckle

I moved to Dorchester in 2007 at the age of 12 and after graduating from the University of Nottingham in 2015, I have worked in a variety of roles in both the private and public sector. In these roles I have developed the skills necessary to ensure that I can provide a meaningful contribution to this project. I have a strong commitment to social change and am able to effectively communicate with people from a variety of backgrounds.

The first project for the DACLT is to deliver affordable housing for young, first time buyers. As a young person myself I understand the needs of this group and the difficulties young people are facing when buying a home. I will work hard to deliver the results that will ensure that young people can successfully access the housing market in Dorchester.

As a current Director of the DACLT part of my contribution has been to establish and develop a website for the CLT. I have not been involved in website development before so this has been an exciting challenge for me. I am committed to representing my community and the young people that this project will benefit.

Andy Stillman

I started teaching in 1972 before working in education research in the ‘80s and then in 1988, I moved to Dorset as County Science Adviser and later a Senior Inspector. I have co-written several education books and papers: part-time qualifications include an M.Ed and later, a PhD.

Having supported science teaching for many years, I retired in 2011. During that time, I also inspected schools, managed the County’s Outdoor Education for several years and latterly, led DCC’s successful Teacher Training which also involved teaching on M.Ed courses and university assessing.

Since retirement, I have become more involved in environmental issues, housing (development, design and renovation), and local planning with the fight for more affordable housing. As a Councillor and ex-chair of Stinsford Parish Council, I am also involved in community issues and neighbourhood planning.

I applaud Dorchester Town Council for offering a site for affordable housing in Dorchester and welcome the opportunity to work on this project. It will not be without its setbacks and detractors and needs careful management and full involvement of the community. Challenging, but the end product will be well worthwhile.

Lynda Kiss

I am a pensioner, my former career is not important; my own experience is the reason why I have made the commitment to be a Director and why I would like to be re-elected.  In 1961 my husband and I were only able to buy our first home because a family friend stood guarantor for £1,000 bank loan. My husband did not earn enough for a mortgage of £3000, a wife’s income was not considered. With three jobs between us, we paid off the loan in five years.  In 1990 at the height of another property boom, I returned to work to share a mortgage with our daughter in order for her to get a step on the property ladder.  I would like to continue to  give my time to help in any way to enable Dorchester young people own or rent a home of their own.

Practical experience – having a decorating and interior design business – Secretary/Treasurer of Flat Owner’s Management Company.

Jan Cosgrove

I moved from Lancashire 19 years ago to join my now husband who has lived in Dorchester for over 30 years. I have worked in two schools in the area as a teacher then, after ill health retirement, have been continuing to work for the University of Cambridge Assessment.

Last year I retired from leading a team of exam writers and examiners for the international A level biology exam. I am still the Chair for the Kazakhstan tests for entry to University so still get to visit Cambridge for meetings. In preparation for all the extra free time, I have trained with Citizens Advice and am now a qualified General adviser volunteering with them for two half days a week. I have seen the problems for people in finding suitable homes which led me to the meeting in November 2016 and the rest is history! Currently I keep the membership records for DACLT and have particular interests in encouraging wildlife and protecting archaeology.