The Project

The Dorchester Area Community Land Trust is tackling one difficulty faced by many young people in Dorchester: Owning a home.

DACLT is going to build affordable homes that will be let to young workers in our town. DACLT will offer these homes at significantly below the market rate therefore we will give a helping hand to young people that are struggling to find affordable accommodation. Homes built by DACLT, on this site, will be permanently affordable for future owners.

The Site

The Tennis Courts Project: Site of the first Dorchester Area CLT project

The location of the flats is in the centre of Dorchester, just off West Walks and Bowling Alley Walk. Dorchester Town Council has made the site available to DACLT where two tennis courts currently occupy the site, shown above, but these will be relocated.

The Plan

The architects Reed Watts are helping us to develop this complex site.

Reed Watts have experience in developing heritage sensitive locations and have worked with other Community Land Trusts. We think this makes us a good match.

There is a lot to do before these flats are available but we are sure that:

At least twenty flats will be built for young workers in Dorchester and they will be available for those aged 35 or younger and earning no more than £30,000.

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